Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just because

I am reposting this picture because it makes me laugh until I cry.  Every time.  Stephen and I were just looking at it and he said "That was a year ago, look at how much more hair I had".  That made me laugh even harder because he could have had his head on fire and I wouldn't notice because all I am looking at is that tooth.

Oh, that tooth.  He got it fixed the next day.  He looks handsome now.  But, that day was hilarious.
Stephen just said I should have put it on our Christmas card.

Here is my other favorite reposted picture...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's A Secret...

Charis told me last night that she wishes we had three kids in our family.  I am hoping their birthday present will fill that void for her.  We are bringing this baby home for them on their birthday.  It is a secret!!!  I can't wait!  It will be so hard to wait a whole month.  Stephen and I keep looking at her picture.  I don't think I could handle the whole overseas adoption thing.  Once they sent me a referral picture of a real baby I would die waiting because I dying over a DOG. 
Remember no telling.  I can't wait to see their faces when we bring her out.  She is a Cavalier King Charles.  I love her. 

Monday, November 18, 2013


I love these people.  They are almost four and that hurts me.  I didn't expect four to hurt.  In interest of full disclosure there have been days in the last three years that I have thought "will kindergarten ever come?".  Don't judge.  I am just being honest.  But, now that Pre K is looming out there, Drew is getting tall, they write letters, ride balance bikes, and are real KIDS I would love to go back for a day when they were babies.  Thankfully they still cuddle. 

I love that they are best friends.  Charis will cut anyone that messes with Drew and that includes teachers that reprimand him (which he needs at times).  On our walk today Drew abandoned his bike on the sidewalk and ran up to Charis to hug her and then ran back to his bike.  He needed a hug.  Tonight they somehow convinced me that they would sleep if I let them sleep in the same bed.  We will see how that goes.  I still hearing whispers...

Monday, November 11, 2013


I love the Christmas season.  It is such a  busy time for our family.  Stephen and I unwittingly crammed every major life event into December.  Or actually the week of Christmas.  We have our kids' birthdays, Jesus' birthday, and anniversary all in the same week.

I love the preparation of the Christmas season.  Last year was our first time to celebrate Advent and I really enjoyed it.  I got an Advent Tree at Target last year.  I made a list based on our calendar and events and the kids get to open the door each day to find out what our activity is for the day.  Sometimes it is easy like read a book, other days it is more time intensive.  The point of Advent is a time of expectant waiting or preparing for the Savior's birth.  I think that Christian holidays are such an important part of discipling our children and that is why I love Advent.  I posted our Advent list below for funsies.

1-        Read Christmas book
2-       Make cookies
3-       Shoebox items
4-       Decorate your tree
5-       A Journey Through Bethlehem
6-       Take muffins to fireman
7-       Santa craft
8-       Buy Daddy present
9-       Read book
10-     Christmas movie
11-      Ice cream cone trees decorated
12-     Give hot cocoa and gift to trash man
13-     Give hot cocoa and gift to mailman
14-     Charis/ Drew buy gift for each other
15-     Go look at Christmas lights
16-     Make ornament
17-     Play with manger
18-     Prestonwood show or make Christmas cards (check ticket prices)
19-     Pajama Dance party to Christmas music
20-    Charis and Drew tell the Christmas story on camera and we watch
21-     Play with fake snow
22-    Happy Birthday Kids!  Celebrate with family!  Read a Christmas book
23-    See Santa
24-    Happy Birthday Jesus Party and church
25-    Merry Christmas!  Our Savior is born… check the stable