Saturday, April 21, 2012

Softly Call the Muster

At Texas A&M one of the great traditions we celebrate is Muster.  Muster is April 21st and is a time to remember all the Aggies who have passed in the last year, current and 'Ol Ags.  On the A&M campus it is a very solemn ceremony with a speaker and a candle is lit for former Aggies.  As those who have passed names are read a family member or fellow Aggie answers "here" in their memory.  It is a special time on campus.  However, for all Aggies that are not in College Station you are encouraged to find  an Aggie within 100 miles to eat a little and talk about your years at A&M.  These informal Musters are held worldwide on April 21st.

This year Stephen and I decided to have a small Muster with some Aggies from church.  It was a great time.  I think we will have to make a new tradition.  We had a Burn Bevo Bar BQ and invited some friends and their sweet kids over.  My kids were so excited and for days kept saying, "Aggies are coming, Whoop".  We train 'em up in the way they should go here;).  We were going to pin the tail on Bevo but the kids had fun riding the Jeep so we gave a Charis a beard with the stickers instead.

Have I mentioned I love A&M?  I don't want to be annoying but GIG 'EM!

* by the way... Josh was being funny to Stephen.  These guys are all happily married;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thoughts of a two year old

I love the randomness of my two year olds. This evening in one breath Charis told me "Jesus in heaven I want chicken nuggets". Drew is the king of random. He will be talking about one thing and throw random words in all the time. He also confuses concept/ words that sound alike. He told me he wanted more "Pops" with his breakfast and I was confused until I realized he wanted honey. Stephen's parents are Pops and Honey and Drew was thrown off by that. It is fun to see them try to figure stuff out and express themselves.