Friday, February 26, 2010


I have never really been that into Valentine's Day. Stephen and I usually jutst get small gifts or cards for eachother. This year Stephen got me a Flip camera and I love it. It is so easy to use and I can take anywhere. A sweet family friend came over on Tuesday to watch the babies and Stephen and I went on a date. We went to Chef's Point. It was delicious! If you haven't heard of Chef's Point it is a restaurant in a Conoco station (very classy). It was featured on Dives, Drive-Ins, and Diners. The food is excellent!

Drew loves the mornings! He is so happy in the morning and usually smiles so much he doesn't really eat. He thinks we have the funniest windows he has ever seen. He smiles and coos at them all morning. It really is cute. Charis has started smiling this week also. She loves the "wee wee wee all the home" part of The Little Piggies.

P.S. Now that I read all these cute blogs I want a name for our blog but, I am not clever enough to come up with one. Any suggestions? I asked Stephen but you can imagine how helpful that was. "Dueces are wild" was not what I had in mind.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rock Star

I am feeling like a rock star today because I went to the grocery store by myself with TWO babies. Are you thinking big deal? Well, it is to me because I have been contemplating this since before they were born. I knew a double stroller and a grocery cart were not going to work and you can't fit two carriers and groceries in a cart. You probably are already thinking of your own ideas of how to shop with the twins but, it took me a while. I wore Charis in the sling and put Drew's carrier in the cart. They both slept most the time and were excellent! I don't know how much my groceries were because I was distracted by the nice man who, when he realized Drew was in the cart, pulled it back and got in his face. He was really sweet but, he asked which one was the girl and I had Charis in the sling looking out with a GIANT bow on her head. Who am I to talk? It took me 9 weeks to get a game plan and attempt to take my babies to the grocery store. To top off our perfect trip I stopped at Sonic- duh. I also was able to fold FOUR loads of laundry because Drew took a full nap today (yay). In interest of full disclosure, yesterday I showered and that is as far as I got all day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

John 3:16

As I was just rocking Drew and listening to a lullaby praise CD I was really hit by the words. The songs said "Your Child died so that mine may live". As I held my tiny, warm son I was struck by what the Father did for us. I thought how could He give His perfect Son? And the answer is out of His GREAT LOVE for us. It is hard for me to believe that He loves me enough to do that because I have such a worldly imperfect love. I feel like John 3:16 is so familiar that I can lose the powerful message at times in that one verse. So be blessed today because God loves YOU so much that He gave His only Son so that we may live!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Outing and Male Pattern Balding

The kids had their first social outing this week to go see Mimi and Poppi to celebrate Poppi's birthday. It was so fun to see everyone and they did great. The babies wore onesies that said "We love Poppi" and loved being held the whole time.
Speaking of grandparents our little girl has the worst case of "Papaw Head" we have ever seen. She is experiencing some premature male pattern balding. Bless her heart. We put bows on her Papaw head anyway.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6 weeks

Happy 6 week birthday babies! Our babies have been here a whole 6 weeks. In some ways it went by fast, in others (at night) not so much. They are good babies. Drew has grown so much, he weighs almost 9 lbs now. Charis weighs almost 7 lbs. They are sweet and have completely different personalities. Drew is our wild man, he grunts ALL the time and throws his hands and head around while he eats. Today he peed in his own face and was happy until I cleaned him up. Charis is our little birdy, she cries like a bird and eats like a bird. She is such a sweet little girl and barely cried for a month but, then she found her "voice". One morning I went into the room and found Drew like the picture below. For the record he went to sleep fully clothed and swaddled.

Our only trips out so far have been to the doctor and breastfeeding center. Our pediatrician told us we have to wait until they are 8 weeks old to start taking them out. I went to Wal-Mart last weekend and brought home the flu. Thankfully, the babies didn't get it.

I had no idea that breastfeeding would make me sooo hungry. I could out eat Marcus any day. Right now I set mini goals to keep me breastfeeding. I can go to 8 weeks and then I will set a new goal. I am not really a "goal setter" but, this is working for me. Who knows I might set some other goals as well.

This picture looks like Drew is telling Charis a secret but, really he is screaming in her ear. She doesn't mind though. That pretty much sums up our first 6 weeks. They eat, have some waketime and then (hopefully) nap. I am thankful they are gaining weight and growing well. We enjoy watching them grow and look forward to the next 6 weeks!