Friday, July 30, 2010

Shopping and Sonic

Last night we went to the JBF sale. It is a consignment sale in Grapevine that happens a couple of times a year. I usually get some cute clothes for the wee ones. My friends Pam and Michelle met me there and then we hit Sonic. It was so fun to sit and talk with them for a while. Pam taught high school before her cute little son was born and still teaches Summer school and subs sometimes. She always has hilarious stories about her students and knows pop culture stuff I don't know. Last night she informed us that Sonic has a secret purple drink. So being the mature moms out for the night that we are- we dared her. Actually Pam dared me, I dared Michelle and Pam stepped up. I don't know what reaction we wanted them to have but, all they said is that they don't know what we talking about but we can have a grape slush- boring. Maybe the secret purple drink is only in Frisco. Here is a picture of some of my loot. I love a good deal!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well, it is Sunday morning and my whole family is at church sans me. Stephen wouldn't let me go. He said I had to stay home to rest to get better. I sure hope he meant my throat getting better and not my attitude. I get ulcers bad. They go down my throat and in my mouth. When I was pregnant I didn't get ONE, is that a good enough reason to be pregnant again? Stephen just gave me a look when I suggested it. I am very thankful for my rest time. I took a nap and now I am chillin on the computer.

Yesterday we thought it would be great to get out in the evening and drive around to look at some neighborhoods. That is not a good idea. It is very bad. I brought bottles but, when we got the furtherest point from our house the screaming began. We stopped to feed and they weren't interested because when the bottle is in their precious little mouths they can't scream. SO we drove home through the yelling. I crawled in the back a few times to entertain them with my songs, hand, and tickles but it didn't last long until they would tell me what they thought about that. I heard somewhere that the CIA plays a CD of a baby crying to torture suspects. Genius! Don't get me wrong we love them a ton and are very thankful for them. When we got home we fed them and as their punishment they went to bed without a story. They didn't mind a bit, poor little things were so tired.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chef Drew R Dee

Our neighbor is doing invitro and we made them dinner on her surgery day. Who knew a simple meal could turn out to be so crazy. I haven't cooked real meals in a long time. Drew helped me in the kitchen. He is into everything right now and I hoped that measuring cups were a safe alternative to all the other stuff he found to get into. He had fun banging them around for a while. I got over half way into this project and then had to put them in the car and go to the bank. Did I really need to go to the bank? No. Why did I go? Because I was pretty sure if I didn't strap Drew in something like a car seat that he was going to get hurt. I can barely keep up with him. We left the kitchen a mess and drove to the bank, even Isabelle came. She jumped in the car and I had no energy to get her out so off we all went.


Charis has been making some funny faces lately. While she eats she has started to smack and blow bubbles, she has no table manners. This video shows her enjoying her peaches.

The babies have 2 new friends. Precious Katie Belle Watson was born July 14th! Sweet Ella Kay Word will be born tomorrow at 6:45 am. I am so excited for both families. I wonder which one Drew will marry, those are his only options.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Love

The babies had such a sweet moment last night. They are really starting to understand and acknowledge the other baby. Last night after they ate Drew was really fussy and wanted out of the high chair so he was crying. Charis looked at him and started making sucking sounds, he looked at her and stopped crying and starting laughing so hard. Then she blew bubbles at him and he stared and laughed at his silly sister. It was so sweet to see them interact.

Drew is crawling EVERYWHERE and stands in his crib. He crawls on top of Charis and sucks on her head while they play on the floor. Sometimes she laughs and other times it hurts and she cries. He pulls up in the crib to play with the monitor and laugh at Charis.

At five months I wanted them to stay that age because it was so great but, now I LOVE this age. They are learning something new everyday and it so fun to see their personalities. So bottom line: we think they are pretty great!