Sunday, April 17, 2011

kitchen makeover

We are finished! Hale-lu-to the -uah! I can live with this. I am sorry if you don't like but, please don't tell me. My cabinets can't handle any more paint. I still have touch ups to do but, most of the work is complete. The built in still needs some work and is not as blue as this picture. They are the same. Over and out.


It is almost Easter! I love Easter. I think I am going to go ahead and say that Easter is my favorite holiday. I love Christmas also. Christmas is an amazingly busy time for us. We tried to cram every major life event into one week and succeeded! The week of Christmas is Jesus' birthday (obviously), our anniversary, and our two children's birthdays. So, although I love all those things, combine that with trying to see all our families and you get STRESS. I have a point... It is, while the true celebrating of Christmas is such an amazing part of the year, I love to celebrate Easter.
Easter encompasses so many emotions. On Good Friday as we reflect on Christ's crucifixion I am filled with sadness, pain, and hurt for Him. I feel guilty for my sins that put Him there but, know that He has even freed me from the guilt. On Easter Sunday I filled with such joy and victory knowing that my Savior conquered the grave and lives today! It is unfathomable to me.
This is Holy Week. Approximately 2000 years ago (I don't do numbers) Jesus rode into Jerusalem as the people celebrated. Things certainly changed in a few days. This Friday is Good Friday, the day He was crucified. I look forward to teaching Drew and Charis why we celebrate. I remember riding in the car with my Dad one time when I was a surly kid and he asked me if I knew why we celebrate Easter and I popped off "because Jesus died and rose again". He asked how long was He dead and I didn't really know but, with complete conviction I said "a couple of days". Good guess. I remember this talk because even though I heard the pastor say it before, I don't think I truly grasped the reason we celebrate until my Dad asked and I had to verbalize it. I bought a resurrection scene last year at Hobby Lobby on sale with the intention that my kids could play with it and retell the story. Well, I got so excited to break it out that I forgot my kids are at a way destructive age so within minutes I was running around asking "where is the soldiers head". He was decapitated pretty early on and then poor Mary got it. I will have to buy another one to put away until my kids are older.
My Mom got the kids the cute clothes and so we took pictures at the Boy's Ranch last week. Which is where Stephen I first said I love you and I where I told him we were having a baby ( I didn't know it was 2 babies). Drew loved throwing bread to the ducks. Charis held her bread out and expected them to come to her. That pretty much sums up our little girl.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am half way done painting my cabinets for a third time. Crazy. Kim Cogburn brought her paint swatches over and we finally found one I can live with. My goal is to be finished by tomorrow night (late of course). I will post pictures when we are done and after I have had some sleep. Meanwhile, tonight I will pray for the painting fairy to come finish for me. I would even trade a tooth...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The kids are almost 16 months old and funny. They each have such different personalities. Drew is a pretty rough little boy. He loves to hide! He hides but it is easy to find him because he giggles so hard you know where he is. He is very mischievous. He looks right at me and smiles when he knows he did something wrong. I know when he has hit Charis because he runs at me and hugs me so tight before I can even get to her. He is a little charmer but, I am not fooled by his cute smile and hugs. Drew has to know EXACTLY where the boundaries are. If I say No, don't touch the picture frame" he tries "can I touch the top of the frame? No, okay the side? No, umm the shelf the frame is on?".

Charis is usually pretty obedient. She hates to be in trouble but she can throw a doozy of a fit. The drama. She is 15 months going on 15 years. She loves to show her eye, nose, belly button and "talk". She will come up with words and Drew repeats them so it is a strange language over here. "Caca" is outside, "baby" is pretty much everything they give you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

SUYL Mother's Day Ideas

On Kelly's Korner blog she is hosting a Show Us Your Life Mother's Day Ideas. Okay, let me begin by saying I am not a creative, nor crafty person. I want to be. My spirit is willing but, my flesh is weak. Last year for Mother's Day I snagged this idea from a Bible study I had done called Keepers of Your Home(or something like that). In the study they suggested having a quiet time basket with all you need for your quiet time inside. I LOVED the idea! It was so nice to not have to get up once I started and also they suggested having a candle and cup of tea or coffee. How cozy. So last year I gave our mom's quiet time baskets. I don't have a picture but you can get stuff likegifts_three4.jpg
cute baskets at Home Goods or TJ Maxx




a throw




Bible or devotional book

plus pens, highlighters, and notecards.

There are lots of things you can put in there but, this is what I chose.

This is what I want for Mother's Day


or a nap...

I would love to hear your ideas and your Father's Day ideas.