Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anniversary Video

Stephen and I just celebrated our eight year anniversary. It was so great! Stephen made me a video of our marriage this far. It was so sweet of him because he only has about an hour and a half of down time each evening and he spent it making this video. It begins when we were dating goes to this past year. Please forgive me for the overalls in the video. I promise they were socially acceptable back then. Our first year of marriage, all in one week, I turned Stephen's underwears pink and made pancakes that were runny inside and burnt outside. I have learned a few things in the past eight years.
On our anniversary we spent our first night away from the kids! It was supercalifragilisticexpialidoschis! My mom kept our kids for the night and we hot footed it to Dallas. We had dinner and then checked into the Hotel ZaZa. After checking in we had massages and relaxed. It was so great to wake up on your own without a little precious crying. I love those little preciouses but, a night away was wonderful! The babies slept great for my mom and the whole event was a success! I think we may start celebrating half anniversaries!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For a laugh...

I don't mind questions about our babies at all. In fact, Stephen and I both know that God gave us this story for a purpose and we are willing to share it anytime. It is really His story anyway. However, this video is hilarious because I have this conversation several times a day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

1 Year Old!!

Drew and Chris turn one on Wednesday the 22nd but, we celebrated this Saturday. It was such a wonderful and blessed day! The babies did great and loved having friends and family here. We did a Thing 1 Thing 2 theme. Charis is one minute older and so she was Thing 1 and Drew was Thing 2. They loved their smash cakes. It was so fun to see them try cake for the first time.
Charis was not a fan of her flower headband. That really breaks my heart, I NEED her to wear bows and girly things. Oh well, it was her birthday.

At one year they are SO fun! They love to wave and clap. Charis tells us "bye bye" when she is ready to leave and if I am on the phone and say bye. Today she was clapping like crazy to Oprah's "My Favorite Things" show. I think she wanted the VW Bug, too. They are both walking! Drew has 3 teeth coming on top and has 2 on bottom. Charis has 2 on bottom. They sleep from 7:30 to 6:30am. Charis is still not taking bottles but will drink a little at a time from a sippy cup. We are taking her at the end of the month to the ENT to see about her breathing and eating.
Charis dug in face first

Drew loved the cake

Charis resisting the flower

food table
cute cookies from Nicki in College Station

Friday, December 3, 2010

11 months old!

My babies are toddlers! In a few weeks we celebrate their first birthday! That means I have kept them alive for 365 days! They are asleep now and so I will have to take pictures later.

The highlights this month have been that they each have taken a s few steps and Drew is walking, not like we could go to the mall and stroll but like 8 steps at a time. They are funny. Drew learned to play peek-a-boo and just randomly hides his face to play. Charis pushes everything across the floor as she walks. Drew learned a sippy cup!! Charis has turned into Miss Piggy with her solids. She loves to eat pasta, cheese, and yogurt.

I can't lie, this has been a hard month! The babies were sick back to back so for over 2 weeks someone was sick. Prayers would be much appreciated at this point because Charis quit taking a bottle 15 days ago. The problem is she doesn't know how to use a sippy cup. I have tried EVERYTHING to get liquids in her. We tried cups, sippy cups, straws, syringes, different nipples but she screams and spits it out. This began because the poor baby had an ear infection and the bottle hurt her ears. Now she still won't take it. We have been to the doctor twice and urgent care the last 15 days. She is still on antibiotics. I pray all day that the next feeding she will take one and so far no progress. I am worn out. I have to sneak liquid into her food to keep her from getting dehydrated. I also don't want her lose weight because she is teeny. So PLEASE pray for her to either learn and LOVE the sippy cup or submit to the bottle. The good news is that she is happy and precious, just a major character builder for her mommy.