Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This cracks me up. This kids new "thing" is to want a paper towel and then... no , not eat it (shocking) but, CLEAN. It is hilarious. My Dad just sent the kids these precious new tricycles, that they love and Drew and Charis are cleaning them here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I get to take care of Wes, my nephew, this week and it has been so sweet to see the kids with him. Drew is our lover. Bless his heart, he has the sweetest heart but doesn't quite understand how to not suffocate people (mostly Charis and Wes) with his love. Drew wants to constantly pat Wes or rub his face on him and give kisses. He waves at Wes all day and tells me to shhh when Wes is asleep. Charis is intrigued by Wes and says "baby". She walk up to him and says "hi" and then touches him gently and backs off.
Wes is such a good baby. He is sweet and naps well. I am thankful I get this time with him and that the kids love each other.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Paci and Lovie

This little baby was so tired this evening. Poor thing cried and cried. She usually LOVES bath time but, even that didn't cheer her up. I couldn't get her in the tub without her paci (she found one hidden) and her lovie. I know, I am the parent. But, I was alone tonight and fought it for hours, so in order to keep some sanity I gave in. I'm weak, but look at that face.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I got a little story for ya Ags

If you didn't go to A&M then (may God bless your poor soul) you won't understand the title. It has nothing to do with my story but, Aggies start a parable that way.

WARNING: This post is not approved for those with weak stomachs

Okay, Stephen came home from work this wonderful Thursday evening and it is his Friday and so I suggested we go out for dinner. We don't usually go out so I was excited. We went to On The Border and had a great time. The kids were good and ate VERY well. That always makes me happy. After dinner we went by Home Depot and then came home to give the kids baths and get ready for bed.

It was a night like any other, until...

then as I was talking to Stephen, I looked down into the tub and all I could say was "Oh no"! Drew had made a deposit. This is actually his third offense. Good thing we aren't a three strikes and you're out kind of family. This was his worst. We wisked the kids out of the tub and moved the bathing into our bath. Poor Charis kept saying "Uh oh, uh oh" and pointing to their bathroom. Once we cleaned them up and put them down it was time to tackle the duty (get it?). All I will say is that all of this defensive attire was necessary and I now have the cleanest bathroom and tub toys on the street.