Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Conversation With Drew

Watching has changed for Stephen.  Here is a SMALL sample of Drew trying to watch golf with his Dad...
Drew: "Who is that?"
Stephen:"That is Angel Cabrereo."
Drew:"Is he nice?"
Stephen:"Yes, he is very nice."
Drew:"Does he have a brother?"
Stephen:"I don't know."
Stephen:"I just don't."
Drew:"Why does he wear a belt?"
Stephen:"He has to because he has belt loops."
Drew:"I want a belt."
And on and on... 

That boy is a talker. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


 I love this pic of Dina with the girls.  Charis and Katie were laughing so hard at the fireworks.  Charis told me the next day that she "waffed and waffed" with Katie.  They are cute together.  Katie turns 3 this weekend.  It is crazy how fast time flies.  Katie is also ridiculously smart and said her glow in the dark necklace was like the "Aurora Borealis".  I had to just call Katie and ask her how to spell it.

 Funny pics I found on Stephen's phone:
 "Old Man Drew"...

We call this one the "Is it Real" pic...

Drew asleep at Sam's... he got heavy so we put him down;)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Parent Trap

Last weekend Stephen and I played what we call "Parent Trap" and each took a kid on a date.  It was so fun!  Stephen took Drew to his first Rangers game. I bought a Groupon to Let's Pretend tea parties and was so sad that they were all booked but it worked out.  Charis and I went to paint pottery and then ate pizza and then went to the park.

Drew had a blast with his Daddy.  He flirted with some girls behind him and would lift the ice chest and smile.  The girls would comment on how strong he was and then he would have to do it all over.  When he got home he told me ALL about the game.  He was really into the dot race or "squishy faces" as he calls them.  He was upset because the blue squishy face was tripped and that is not nice.  They stayed until the 7th inning and then came home.

Charis painted a cute plate.  We went to the store and she found some "make up" that she loved.  She took her make up to the Mellow Mushroom while we ate.  It was so fun to talk to her and have some one on one time.  I could tell it made her feel special because she isn't very affectionate but she floored me when she said sweet things to me.  It was a great time for us both.

I learned some things about my kids.  Charis' love language is definitely quality time and Drew has a 6th love language... talking.  No, not words of affirmation, because you don't have to talk at all.  If you just sit and listen he will tell you EVERYTHING.  It may not sequential but you will hear every thought that enters his little mind.

Things can be wild with two 3 year old so it was nice to take time out to have some quality time just one.  Next time I will take Drew on a date and Stephen will take Charis.  I am open to suggestions
on fun ideas for boys and girls.