Saturday, January 28, 2012

Making money to go in our purses
Charis' super cheesy smile
Helping Dad with our tools
Drew's business casual attire

The twins are talking more and more and it is funny to hear what they say. They have a love/hate relationship. Drew knows how to push Charis' buttons and she isn't afraid to fight back but, she also tells me "Drew's crying" when he is upset and kisses him. They are a lot of fun and take a lot of energy. They really enjoy going to "school" at our church on Tuesdays and Charis cries when we leave and asks most mornings if we are going to church. All day I hear "I do it, I get it", etc from her. She has started to eat a little. The girl loves dairy.

Drew is easy going and enjoys school. Drew has developed a fear of the shower. Poor baby. We have to bathe him in the tub super fast because he cries thinking the shower will come on any minute. We have tried to explain it to him and cover the shower head but he is not buying what we are selling. Tomorrow night I am going to try bathing him in our tub to see if that helps. Stephen is a little concerned because Drew loves purses. I told Stephen I will get Drew a little backpack instead of his "purse" that he enjoys so much. He has a sweet little heart and is so affectionate.

Tea Party

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Storm

The storm made for one terrified little girl and one curious little boy, so we all ended up in our bed. It was sweet to snuggle with them but Drew kept giving us a running commentary of the storm with a few random words thrown in... "yighty (lightening), yighty, rain, rain, ball, uh oh, yighty, shadwo (shadow), ball, ball". I can see why some people sleep with their kids, it is nice to smell them and hear their breathing, but I think we will keep that for illness and storms. This mama and dada need our sleep and it is hard to catch a wink with two 2 year olds in bed with you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Jesus

This morning I was reading to the kids about when Jesus said to let the children come to Him and then sang "Jesus loves the little children". Now, it has been documented how much my children protest my singing, but this morning Drew swayed as I sang and then at the end said, "More Jesus". We did that a few times and it was a sweet moment with him. Later, as I was getting dressed I was thinking about "More Jesus". That pretty sums it up. More Jesus. That is what I need my focus to be. Often times I say "more sleep", "more time, "more money", or "more caffeine". So my little boy gave me a good reminder today... what do I want more of? Really?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Makeover

Today I had an "Ahh haa" moment. Not in a good way. Here is my story...

My kids have been sick this week and we needed out of the house this afternoon. One of my children has been very cranky and so I knew going into a store was like walking through a mine field but I did it.

As I was putting each child in the car I saw two pretty 20ish year old women. When I got the last kid in and was trying to get the stroller to collapse and get the cranky kid to be quiet, the 2 ladies walked up and offered me a makeover. I tried to be nice but I had to refuse their kind offer because my plate was currently full. As they walked away I looked down and saw what they probably saw... it wasn't pretty. I am in major need of Amber ( my wonderful hairstylist) so my grey hair is showing, I had on 7 year old jeans that don't fit well, a hoodie that is a size too big, and the remnants of my 6:30am makeup were gone. Plus, like Annie says "You're never fully dressed without a smile" and I didn't have one on.

I was telling Stephen about the girls wanting to give me a makeover and how I wanted to yell after them "I didn't always look like this". He just laughed. That's it. At least I didn't marry a liar.

Then later tonight I showed Stephen my toes because I tried some of those Sally Hansen nail shields and he cracked up laughing and asked what is was. Then he asked where I got them and I told him Kroger. Stephen in his hick voice said, "Oh, I was just at Krogers looking at the loofahs and purty polish when I saw these and thought those may look nice on me". I was laughing so hard I cried.

The good news is I get my hair done next week and now I am aware.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's in your bag?

I usually don't talk about my panties on this blog. Really, I have never had a situation that I needed to... until now. Today my kids went to Sonshine Mother's Day Out (rejoice). When we came home I took all their nap stuff out of the bag to wash and found my hot pink panties had gone to school with them. Lovely. I know for sure the teachers saw them because they were nicely placed under the blankets that the kids used at school, and they were hot pink. Dang that static cling. Being a mom is humbling in many different ways.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dr. Kick in the pants

The kids had their 2 year well check today. Sigh. I usually try to take the kids on my own but I have gained some recent wisdom and so I asked Stephen to come help. It was still awful but, manageable. Thankfully the kids looked healthy and seem to be developing on track. I had to fill out this 7 page survey for each child that asked dumb questions like "If you put a cheerio in a bottle will the child turn the bottle over to get it out without trying to put their hand in the bottle?". I was not aware of the oh so critical cheerio in the bottle milestone.

The doctor asked about concerns and so of course I had to voice my frustration over Charis' refusal to eat. I told her the only things I can get Charis to eat. I have tried ALL the healthy foods and natural things but one of the only things she will eat is a turkey dog. Well, the doctor said I can't give her that anymore. I knew it had nitrates in it but I thought that was like sodium. NO, it causes cancer. What the flip, Kip! Cancer. Where is the dang FDA?? Ridiculous.

Next on the list was moving to big beds and new rooms. My doctor has twin grandchildren and so I asked if she had advice. She said not to separate them. Stephen told her I wanted to and she said I can have them nap in their own rooms but at night to let them sleep in the same room in different beds. Oh, by the way potty train your twins.

For reals, I need a nap, on the beach, for a week now.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nine years ago I was on a beach

I have been married to this guy for nine years now. This is an old pic from last year when the Mavs won! To celebrate our wedded bliss we went to dinner BY OURSELVES. Gigi watched the kids and we ate at Tillman's in Ft Worth. It was great! We had reservations and when they took us to our table Stephen had flowers delivered there that were waiting at the table. It was a quiet little corner table and so pretty BUT the hostess had mistakenly sat 2 women right next to us. When I say right next to us I mean with us. There was maybe 6 inches of space and the other ladies said "Uh, hello" just like I was thinking. So I whispered to Stephen to see if we could move and they moved us to a table up front. The food was great and for dessert we had tableside smores. Yum! They make their own cinnamon graham crackers and marshmallows. We roasted it at our table. It is a neat restaurant. I love all the fun restaurants off 7th St in Ft Worth.