Sunday, October 25, 2009

Showers= Big Blessings!

Stephen and I are so thankful for amazing friends and family that have blessed us with great showers in the last few weeks. It was so fun to be with everyone and such a blessing to have things for the babies. I can't wait to use it all!

Our first shower was the FBC Colleyville shower at Anna's house. It was beautiful!! I put some pics below in case you don't believe me. Our second shower was the Central church shower in College Station. It was so fun and everyone was so kind and generous. I also put some pics of that one too.
Mimi, me, and Mom at Anna's
Charis and Drew cake at FBCC shower
Hostesses Pam, Anna, Dina, Laura, and Michelle being funny
Central Baptist shower hostesses
Stephen's grandfather's crib given to us by Honey and Pops
Pops, Stephen, me, Honey, and Lauren at the diaper shower

The babies are growing well and we are so thankful! The doctor scheduled us for a C-section on December 28th but, we will talk to her about that this week. That is our anniversary and it doesn't give us much time to get out of the hospital before we have to pay the 2010 deductible as well as 2009. We are going to ask if she will do the 27th instead.

In the last blog I talked about my preggo brain well, it is a little better but, I tithed 3 times in 6 weeks on accident. I kept wondering where our money was and started to worry something was wrong so I went through our statements and noticed that I can't stop tithing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preggo Brain

I have had some absent minded moments thus far in the pregnancy but, today stole the show. I was so content strolling through Target and thinking about how cute some girl's hair is and then I looked down and noticed that the cart I was pushing was not mine. I don't know how this happened! I remember stepping away from my cart for one second to move for these little girls playing hide and seek in the racks and then the next thing I know I am pushing a random cart with a black shirt in it half way across Target. All ended well, I found my cart with my purse in it untouched. Anna told me to expect moments like this even after they are born. I just hope I don't take someone else's kids one day and leave mine by the racks at Target.