Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to school

The kids started their first day in the Three's department at Sonshine.  They have super sweet teachers which is great because Drew was not happy that he didn't have his teachers from last year.  They have lots of friends from last year in their class.  I am so thankful for our church and the sweet people that love on my kids there.  Here are their cliche Pinterest pictures before school.  I tried to get Stephen to let me take his picture with a chalkboard before work but he wasn't into it. 

I also started back to school.  I am teaching kindergarten this year on Tuesday/ Thurdays.  I co-teach with a very sweet lady and we have a great class of Bridge Kindergarten and Kindergarten kids.  I love being back in the classroom but it is TIRING.  The kids and I were all pooped after our first day back. 

Unrelated story:  Last night Drew put his PJ pants on over his head (why noy).  Charis thought it was hilarious and looked at Stephen and me  and said "I am proud of that" and then ran after Drew saying "I am proud of that, Brother".  Apparently in our house pants on your head is a praiseworthy moment. 

That is all for now but Aggie football starts tomorrow and, even though I couldn't care less about sports normally, I am excited.  I even bought football shaped pretzels.  I know.  I really pulled out all the stops.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

 Stephen taught the kids to race their ducks down the stream.  They had a blast trying to catch them before they hit the drain.

 Drew recently saw a Ninja Turtle figure in a friend's car and thought it was awesome.  He has asked a lot of TMNT questions and so we made our own costumes.  Here are my "heroes in a half shell".  Turtle Power!  And yes, that is a pink ninja turtle.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Favorite Thinngs

I am posting some of my current favorite things just cuz.  Unlike, Oprah I am not giving them all to you.  I wish I could but...
1. Reusable K cups
These bad boys save me $1277 a year.  Not really.  But they probably save us almost $300 which is a lot of money to me.  You can put your own cheaper coffee in it and then wash it and reuse it.  That also makes them green and I am nothing if not green.

2. Urban Decay Eye Primer

Warning: Do not buy this stuff.  It is the thing you never knew you always needed.  And then you will never be happy without it.  It is better to live in ignorant bliss.  I never understood eye makeup remover because my eye makeup was always worn off before the evening.  Then I met this product and my eye shadow and liner stay on all day.   You also go to Sephora to buy it which is a dangerous place.  I could live in that store. 

3. Silk Almond Milk- Dark Chocolate flavor
Yum!  I have the sweetest tooth there is and this satisfies my sweet tooth.  It is so good and maybe even healthy.  At Kroger they are on sale.  You're welcome.

4. Young Living Essential Oils
I am new to the Essential oils thang but I am LOVING them.  I was interested in them because I get awful mouth sores and was looking for something to help.  I was shocked at what they can do. Charis burned her hand and lavendar healed it very quickly.  I use lemon in my dishwasher, water, and cleaning solutions.   Peppermint has helped with our tummy aches and head aches.  My Mom uses them on her sciatica and it has helped.  My kids have been sick this week and I felt crummy and knew I was getting it so I starting taking capsules full of Thieves, an antibacterial and antiviral blend, and I didn't get sick.  I also use their toothpaste and it has helped my mouth ulcers.  We still go to real doctors, take other medicines if needed, and vaccinate but I enjoy trying something natural.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tea for two

Charis and I had girl time today.  We went to Let's Pretend for a tea party.  It was so fun and it is a cute place.  They do a great job making the girls feel special and have fun.  She got her nails painted PINK and her did like Cinderella.  Then we, I mean I, had cupcakes and pink raspberry hot tea.  She enjoyed getting her hair and nails done the best. 

Drew got to go to Bass Pro Shop and came home wanting a four wheeler.  Stephen said Drew got on every boat there to try it out.  He enjoyed his guy time with Daddy.