Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bucket List

I guess I got bored tonight, or I was avoiding the work I need to do, so I made a Bucket List. Here it is...

Be in a flash mob

Stay in a hut over the ocean

See the Grand Canyon

Travel to Australia

Go to high tea

Hug George W Bush

Go to Israel

Go on a mission trip with my family

Learn to sew

Do a forward roll and come up shooting my gun

Safari in South Africa

Learn to fold a fitted sheet

Sit on the floor at a Mavs game

See my kids ask Jesus into their hearts

Be in a studio audience

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Birthday Video

The two of us are two!

The twins turn two this week. This last year has gone by so quickly. We are so thankful for them and the joy they bring.

Charis is a ... well, I don't have words. She loves to dance and really likes it if you watch her. She loves her baby dolls. She has the heart of a teacher/ mother. She is a little me but, it isn't appropriate yet since she is two. When Drew gets hurt she walks over to him and looks at the part of the body he hurt and then says "nope" and walks away, like he is fine don't worry mom. She recently has figured out that Elmo is cool. She loves him, Abby, and Zoe. Really she just likes to look at pictures of them and talk about them because she is pretty disinterested in watching Sesame Street. Beneath her sass she really is a sweet girl. She loves her brother.

Drew is a sweet boy. He has the best laugh and snorts when he gets going. Drew loves anything that resembles an activity his Dad does. He has started to really enjoy books. Drew loves puppies and would play outside all day if he could. He is a good eater and that makes me so happy. Drew is a fun boy and makes us laugh.

For the twin's birthday this year we had a donuts and PJ party. I love their birthdays! It is so special to me to remember the gift God gave us when he blessed us with these 2 crazies. I also love our friends' kids and it makes me so happy to see them all together. I think back to when we all didn't have kids and would stay up late talking every weekend because we could, or when we prayed for their babies, or when we visited them when they were born and now they are all here and it is so amazing to me. We are so blessed to have these people in our life.

Donut cakes
My talented friend, Catherine, has a business and made the flags, invitations, stickers, and party favor sign. Check out her awesome blog here.
We had each kid put their handprint on a canvas
This is the birthday boy sporting his safety goggles, weed eater, and chef's hat.
My friend, Michelle, was nice enough the sew the two on the twin's PJ's. She is crafty and nice.
Charis is ready to bake
Lanterns for party favors
The next day we went to my Mom's and she had a family party there. It was decorated really cute! My Poppi was sick and we missed him and Mimi but it was a great afternoon. My aunt was there and it is always fun to see her.

The kids have partied hard and are so tired but not too tired to drive this...

My Dad got them a Jeep. They wake up saying "Jeep" and "ride". They don't even care if it goes, they just want to sit in it and play.

We are very blessed to have the family and friends that we do. We are so thankful for each of them. Happy Birthday, Drew and Charis! We love you so much and are thankful God let us be your parents.

Friday, December 9, 2011

what we've been doing...

We have been staying busy. Here is what we have been up to...

keeping the town safe, even when we're nekkid

singing a million renditions of The Wheels On the Bus before bed

riding horses

licking our spoons clean

teaching the kids to drive

swaddling "baby" Charis


teaching our baby dolls to use their EYES and not hands on the tree

riding reindeer

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am behind on the blogging...
Here is a pic of the twins and Stephen trick-or-treating. The kids were pretty confused by the whole thing but played along.

Ho, Ho, Ho

We have been playing inside this weekend because it is raining. The kids have done well being cooped up. We watched the rain for a while with the door open and apparently that was exciting. I love to see how happy they get over little things.

In a few weeks these two guys will be two! I can't wait to see all that they will learn and do this year. They still seems like babies to me but I know in a year they will be real kids that sleep in beds and don't wear diapers (Lord willing:)). So I guess it is time to adopt a baby... not really, unless you have one you want to give me ;).