Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dot Mom Rocks

This was an incredible weekend.  I went to the Dot Mom conference in Frisco.  It was a conference through Lifeway.  It had amazing speakers Angie Smith (my new fantasy BFF), Vicki Courtney (no relation), Priscilla Shirer (love her), and John Croyle.  Travis Cottrell led worship and I thought that alone was worth the ticket price.  The breakout sessions were so helpful and encouraging. 

I also LOVED spending time with friends.  It is so rare that we get to be together and really talk.  I am so blessed to have such great, godly friends.  They do my soul good.  We stayed up until 3:30am talking.  I am so thankful to have friends that we can cry, laugh, share, be open, and love each other.  I think my Mom must pay them to hang out with me.  

I learned so much this weekend.  I learned some practical things about raising kids but also learned all over again how much He loves us.  I tear up now just thinking about it (which is huge for me because I can come across as emotionally constipated, but I'm not).  The first five minutes of the conference Travis Cottrell said "He is pleased with you" and I croaked.  I unknowingly give myself a report card every night and usually fail myself in several subjects.  I take guilt to bed that I didn't handle a   situation correctly or that I didn't get to call so-and-so and blah, blah, blah. So when he said that simple statement a whole bunch of TRUTH hit me in the head.  We are justified before God through Christ, there is no condemnation, and He delights in us.  

I would love to do this conference once a year.  I want to give a big shout to Pam for letting us crash in her beautiful home, Stephen for keeping our babies, and Laura for driving in from Houston so we can see her.  

Oh, I almost forgot... I got to meet someone famous!  Kelly met up with Dina since they are super stars and Dina was kind enough to let me meet Kelly also.  She is precious!