Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10 months old WHAT?

Where has the time gone? Drew and Charis are ten months old! Only 8 weeks until their first birthday. I say it every month but, this is such a fun stage. So here is what they are up to:

Drew is standing on his own and may walk soon. Everyone says to watch out when that happens but, I am already going full throttle so we will see happens next. They eat four times a day and Drew will eat most anything. He still is totally devoted to puffs. He waves bye bye and says mama, dada, bye bye and grunts when he wants something. That last one I am trying to break with some baby sign language but it is funny. Drew loves to put his mouth on Charis' head to kiss her.

Charis crawls like a big girl and can stand a few seconds. She laughs at herself while she stands. She is a PICKY eater or noneater I should say. I stress. She loves sweet potatoes, peaches, yogurt and bagels. She says mama, dada, bye bye, and blows alot of bubbles. She is a little ham and loves an audience. She makes me laugh all day.

My block idea didn't go so well this time. They don't lie still unless asleep now days.

At the Patch Again

Yesterday I met Dina, Anna, and all their kiddos at the Pumpkin Patch. It was a beautiful day and we all had fun. I dressed my kids in their cute John Deere outfits that my aunt got them. My original plan was to take their picture by the tractor in the John Deere clothes but, then I saw the tractor. It is huge. We got other cute pics though.
Charis has a MAJOR crush on Jackson. She laughs so hard at him and flirts. We have our hands full with her but we love her choice of boys. Oh, funny story: the night before we were all having dinner and Hayden was watching me make a bottle and he asked "what is that" and I told him "it is called formula" and Hayden said "Oh, I love California". Close.
Sweet Katie Belle

The Gang

Friday, October 22, 2010

Show us your...

nurseries. On Kelly's Korner she is hosting us a show is your nurseries. This is Drew and Charis' nursery. I had a hard time coming up with a gender neutral room. I put the bedding together at They were great and got it to me fast. I was in heaven when it came!

My super talented friend Jenn painted the silhouettes over their beds and the verse over the changing table. She free handed that! That verse was special to us as we were going through infertility and so I wanted it their room. I thought maybe it would be a good pick me up for 3am feedings- ha.

Stephen painted the room and did the bead board, or beat board as he calls it! He did an excellent job!

The rocker was my parents and they used it to rock me. We painted it (against my Dad's wishes- sorry Dad) and recovered it to match the bedding. I really enjoy their room and hope they love the bright colors. We were so blessed to have gifts from family to set the room up. All we really spent money on was the bedding. HUGE blessing! My mom got us the changing table and my Dad got the cribs

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet brother

As we showed you below Charis LOVES her a good bath. Tonight she was so excited she kept sticking her face in the water and then choking (at least she's pretty). Stephen was patting her on the back to help her get it out and Drew watched and then scooted over and starting patting her back too, Stephen stopped and Drew kept patting her and then rubbed her back. It was so sweet. I wish we had the video on but, we missed it so I have to write these moments on here so I don't forget. It is fun to see them interact with each other.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We took the babies to the Pumpkin Patch tonight and they loved it! They loved being pulled around in the wagon and touching all the hay and pumpkins. I tried to get some good pictures but it was all so exciting that I couldn't get them to look at me. Here are some of my favorites.

It's a trim

My little man has been sporting a mullet. The sad thing is he doesn't have much hair but the hair on the back of his head grows nicely. I didn't take a before picture but, imagine Billy Ray and you get the idea.famous-mullets.jpg

So when I went to my friend, Pam's, she helped give the back a little trim. She cuts her cute son's hair and so I knew she could help. We pulled him outside and snipped the back. He did great! He looks very handsome and more professional.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am raising a little clepto. He isn't even sneaky about his stealing, he just out right does it. I have tried everything I know of to stop this criminal behavior. Drew steals everything from Charis. I will give them both a measuring cups and he takes hers, two sippy cups = he has both, he takes pacis that aren't his. I have tried saying no over and over and redirecting him one thousand times in a row and I have even tried swatting his little hot hands (gasp, I know totally not pc). Today I even gave hers back and took his away, that was mean of me but I was desperate.
So, do any of you have any solid advice and how to turn my wayward child back to the straight and narrow? Poor Charis and I are tired of this behavior.