Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wooo Weee

I have so much decorating and painting I want to do!! I found some new blogs that tickle my fancy (I don't really know what that means). All I need is my kids to take a nap for a couple of days and I can get it done.

Otay, for starters, I have always lamented the fact that our cabinet doors are a different color than the cabinets. Why? That is the word that I say in my head everytime I see them. But I have a super solution thanks to
See that fun color on the bottom of her cabinets? I want to do that. I will paint the top ones white or cream but I have to leave my doors on because my cabinets are not purty inside.

Okay, thing 2, if I am feeling spunky I may paint the door to my laundry room like this lady did. I am so sad I missed a Girl's Night for our Sunday School and they made cute "Family Rules" pictures that night. I need someone to teach me how to do that. They are so creative and fun!
This got me all thinking about fun things for the bathrooms, too. I love stealing ideas from creative people.

Friday, January 7, 2011


It is a very glamourous life I lead. I won't mention that I have been thrown up on 5 times and had the big D on me once all in one day. But, I will tell you that I took Charis' diaper off for her bath and turned around to get Drew. When I turned back my precious angel had already teed on my carpet and let one dirty surprise drop and was working on a second. Nice. It's her new thing. She loves the freedom, it makes her go.

I also have a question for all those blessed with front loading washes and dryers. I do approximately a billion loads of laundry a day. Really about 2 a day. Do front loading machines hold more? Are they awesome? Do they come in pink? Will I not even care that I am doing laundry because they are so pretty? I also heard they have a sanitize button. That is great! I could put my carpet in there.