Sunday, December 22, 2013

My heart... take it or leave it

I have no intention to make people upset so if this offends you I am sorry.  I am also thankful that I live in a country where (at least for now) I can express my beliefs.  I understand that not everyone will agree with me and that is okay.

This whole Duck Dynasty controversy has saddened me.  I am sad because we live in a world where Christians have allowed the nonbelieving world to silence us.  Phil was being interviewed and expressed his beliefs.  I support him that he was true to God's word.  Now please read the rest of this blog in light on this sentence: I believe that God has called us to love others.

Now how that love looks is what makes me disagree with what I have read so far on Facebook and popular blogs.  I believe in the inerrant Word of God and therefore, Matthew 22:37-40 "Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.   All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”  Due to this verse and many others I believe in showing love to others and loving them as Jesus would.  However, there are two equally important measures to this:  Grace and Righteousness.  With only Grace you get chaos, with only Righteousness you get legalism.  All bad.  Which is why God, in His wisdom, provided both under the arch of LOVE.  If you truly love you will provide grace when it is needed and Truth of righteousness when needed.  I have heard it said "If we are not careful we will love them (any nonbeliever) into hell".  I want to say Amen to that.  Because I love, Jesus first and then others, I will speak the Truth in love and call sin a sin.  I pray that when I am falling into sin and another person sees that they will love me enough to tell me Truth.  I have purposely chosen for friends people who I know will do this.  I realize that we can be talking about nonbelievers here but I think the same applies to them.  Why?  Because sin has consequences for all whether you believe in Jesus or don't.  The consequences may be different but there are consequences and I want to love people enough to try to help. What they do with the Truth is up to them.

Please understand that I don't mean this at all irreverent.  I feel as though our culture tries to wussify Jesus.  We are quick to talk about love and the come to church and get a hug mentality but, have forgotten that Isaiah clearly tells us that in the throne room "Holy, holy, holy" is what is called out to God.  God could have chosen any of His attributes called out to Him in His throne room and what did He choose?  His holiness.  I am not down playing God's love but I believe our culture has downplayed His holiness.  Jesus was no wall flower.  He loved and He demanded righteousness.  He caused quite a scene to those who turned His Father's house into a place of business.  He overturned their tables and ran them out with a whip.  He was passionate about the holiness of God.  

Whether it be homosexuality, abortion, or any other hot topic we as Christians need to be loving enough to speak the Truth.  Be careful not to let our culture silence us.  I have struggled with this topic recently.  It is hard to love the sinner, not the sin.  So I think we swing even more towards love because it is so hard to speak the Truth in love.  We think well I will just love him and he will know I am Christian.  At some point we need to tell them about our Jesus.  This is me preaching to myself.  I pray that we, the church, will be loving and stand for Jesus and His Word.  I pray that for myself because I struggle with it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just because

I am reposting this picture because it makes me laugh until I cry.  Every time.  Stephen and I were just looking at it and he said "That was a year ago, look at how much more hair I had".  That made me laugh even harder because he could have had his head on fire and I wouldn't notice because all I am looking at is that tooth.

Oh, that tooth.  He got it fixed the next day.  He looks handsome now.  But, that day was hilarious.
Stephen just said I should have put it on our Christmas card.

Here is my other favorite reposted picture...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's A Secret...

Charis told me last night that she wishes we had three kids in our family.  I am hoping their birthday present will fill that void for her.  We are bringing this baby home for them on their birthday.  It is a secret!!!  I can't wait!  It will be so hard to wait a whole month.  Stephen and I keep looking at her picture.  I don't think I could handle the whole overseas adoption thing.  Once they sent me a referral picture of a real baby I would die waiting because I dying over a DOG. 
Remember no telling.  I can't wait to see their faces when we bring her out.  She is a Cavalier King Charles.  I love her. 

Monday, November 18, 2013


I love these people.  They are almost four and that hurts me.  I didn't expect four to hurt.  In interest of full disclosure there have been days in the last three years that I have thought "will kindergarten ever come?".  Don't judge.  I am just being honest.  But, now that Pre K is looming out there, Drew is getting tall, they write letters, ride balance bikes, and are real KIDS I would love to go back for a day when they were babies.  Thankfully they still cuddle. 

I love that they are best friends.  Charis will cut anyone that messes with Drew and that includes teachers that reprimand him (which he needs at times).  On our walk today Drew abandoned his bike on the sidewalk and ran up to Charis to hug her and then ran back to his bike.  He needed a hug.  Tonight they somehow convinced me that they would sleep if I let them sleep in the same bed.  We will see how that goes.  I still hearing whispers...

Monday, November 11, 2013


I love the Christmas season.  It is such a  busy time for our family.  Stephen and I unwittingly crammed every major life event into December.  Or actually the week of Christmas.  We have our kids' birthdays, Jesus' birthday, and anniversary all in the same week.

I love the preparation of the Christmas season.  Last year was our first time to celebrate Advent and I really enjoyed it.  I got an Advent Tree at Target last year.  I made a list based on our calendar and events and the kids get to open the door each day to find out what our activity is for the day.  Sometimes it is easy like read a book, other days it is more time intensive.  The point of Advent is a time of expectant waiting or preparing for the Savior's birth.  I think that Christian holidays are such an important part of discipling our children and that is why I love Advent.  I posted our Advent list below for funsies.

1-        Read Christmas book
2-       Make cookies
3-       Shoebox items
4-       Decorate your tree
5-       A Journey Through Bethlehem
6-       Take muffins to fireman
7-       Santa craft
8-       Buy Daddy present
9-       Read book
10-     Christmas movie
11-      Ice cream cone trees decorated
12-     Give hot cocoa and gift to trash man
13-     Give hot cocoa and gift to mailman
14-     Charis/ Drew buy gift for each other
15-     Go look at Christmas lights
16-     Make ornament
17-     Play with manger
18-     Prestonwood show or make Christmas cards (check ticket prices)
19-     Pajama Dance party to Christmas music
20-    Charis and Drew tell the Christmas story on camera and we watch
21-     Play with fake snow
22-    Happy Birthday Kids!  Celebrate with family!  Read a Christmas book
23-    See Santa
24-    Happy Birthday Jesus Party and church
25-    Merry Christmas!  Our Savior is born… check the stable

Monday, October 28, 2013


I got the kids a balance bike on a few weeks ago because I was curious.  I saw a segment on Fox and Friends with some kids riding them and I was impressed that they could learn to ride a bike so easily.  My co-teacher said her three grandsons used them and learn to ride quickly.  I have seen these bikes a lot on Zulily and thought "a bike with no pedals... that's dumb".  My Mom is getting the kids real bikes for Christmas and so I decided what the hay, this will give them a few months to learn the balance.
I have to say that I am impressed after all.  The Fred Flintstone approach has really helped Drew learn to balance.  Please excuse my man voice, toys, and squeeze yogurt on the drive way. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I down right ripped all these pictures off of Dina's blog.  She is a good mom and remembers her camera.  We went to the Pumpkin Patch off of Hall Johnson after Sonshine on Thursday.  We have gone there every year with the kids.  This year we tried the corn maze and it was HARD plus Charis and I needed to use the facilities, so I cheated and asked for a hint of how to get out.  Charis and I were never so happy to see a port-o-potty.  

I love fall!  I love cooler weather (not cold, I hate cold), pumpkins, pumpkin spiced lattes, comfy clothes, and playing outside.

Monday, October 14, 2013


THIS makes me so happy!  I love these two so much and the joy they bring.  I love that they want to run and play in the rain.  I apologize for their lack of clothing.  They did have pants on but those were shed right away... and then they took more off and were covered in mud from head to toe. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to school

The kids started their first day in the Three's department at Sonshine.  They have super sweet teachers which is great because Drew was not happy that he didn't have his teachers from last year.  They have lots of friends from last year in their class.  I am so thankful for our church and the sweet people that love on my kids there.  Here are their cliche Pinterest pictures before school.  I tried to get Stephen to let me take his picture with a chalkboard before work but he wasn't into it. 

I also started back to school.  I am teaching kindergarten this year on Tuesday/ Thurdays.  I co-teach with a very sweet lady and we have a great class of Bridge Kindergarten and Kindergarten kids.  I love being back in the classroom but it is TIRING.  The kids and I were all pooped after our first day back. 

Unrelated story:  Last night Drew put his PJ pants on over his head (why noy).  Charis thought it was hilarious and looked at Stephen and me  and said "I am proud of that" and then ran after Drew saying "I am proud of that, Brother".  Apparently in our house pants on your head is a praiseworthy moment. 

That is all for now but Aggie football starts tomorrow and, even though I couldn't care less about sports normally, I am excited.  I even bought football shaped pretzels.  I know.  I really pulled out all the stops.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

 Stephen taught the kids to race their ducks down the stream.  They had a blast trying to catch them before they hit the drain.

 Drew recently saw a Ninja Turtle figure in a friend's car and thought it was awesome.  He has asked a lot of TMNT questions and so we made our own costumes.  Here are my "heroes in a half shell".  Turtle Power!  And yes, that is a pink ninja turtle.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Favorite Thinngs

I am posting some of my current favorite things just cuz.  Unlike, Oprah I am not giving them all to you.  I wish I could but...
1. Reusable K cups
These bad boys save me $1277 a year.  Not really.  But they probably save us almost $300 which is a lot of money to me.  You can put your own cheaper coffee in it and then wash it and reuse it.  That also makes them green and I am nothing if not green.

2. Urban Decay Eye Primer

Warning: Do not buy this stuff.  It is the thing you never knew you always needed.  And then you will never be happy without it.  It is better to live in ignorant bliss.  I never understood eye makeup remover because my eye makeup was always worn off before the evening.  Then I met this product and my eye shadow and liner stay on all day.   You also go to Sephora to buy it which is a dangerous place.  I could live in that store. 

3. Silk Almond Milk- Dark Chocolate flavor
Yum!  I have the sweetest tooth there is and this satisfies my sweet tooth.  It is so good and maybe even healthy.  At Kroger they are on sale.  You're welcome.

4. Young Living Essential Oils
I am new to the Essential oils thang but I am LOVING them.  I was interested in them because I get awful mouth sores and was looking for something to help.  I was shocked at what they can do. Charis burned her hand and lavendar healed it very quickly.  I use lemon in my dishwasher, water, and cleaning solutions.   Peppermint has helped with our tummy aches and head aches.  My Mom uses them on her sciatica and it has helped.  My kids have been sick this week and I felt crummy and knew I was getting it so I starting taking capsules full of Thieves, an antibacterial and antiviral blend, and I didn't get sick.  I also use their toothpaste and it has helped my mouth ulcers.  We still go to real doctors, take other medicines if needed, and vaccinate but I enjoy trying something natural.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tea for two

Charis and I had girl time today.  We went to Let's Pretend for a tea party.  It was so fun and it is a cute place.  They do a great job making the girls feel special and have fun.  She got her nails painted PINK and her did like Cinderella.  Then we, I mean I, had cupcakes and pink raspberry hot tea.  She enjoyed getting her hair and nails done the best. 

Drew got to go to Bass Pro Shop and came home wanting a four wheeler.  Stephen said Drew got on every boat there to try it out.  He enjoyed his guy time with Daddy.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Conversation With Drew

Watching has changed for Stephen.  Here is a SMALL sample of Drew trying to watch golf with his Dad...
Drew: "Who is that?"
Stephen:"That is Angel Cabrereo."
Drew:"Is he nice?"
Stephen:"Yes, he is very nice."
Drew:"Does he have a brother?"
Stephen:"I don't know."
Stephen:"I just don't."
Drew:"Why does he wear a belt?"
Stephen:"He has to because he has belt loops."
Drew:"I want a belt."
And on and on... 

That boy is a talker. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


 I love this pic of Dina with the girls.  Charis and Katie were laughing so hard at the fireworks.  Charis told me the next day that she "waffed and waffed" with Katie.  They are cute together.  Katie turns 3 this weekend.  It is crazy how fast time flies.  Katie is also ridiculously smart and said her glow in the dark necklace was like the "Aurora Borealis".  I had to just call Katie and ask her how to spell it.

 Funny pics I found on Stephen's phone:
 "Old Man Drew"...

We call this one the "Is it Real" pic...

Drew asleep at Sam's... he got heavy so we put him down;)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Parent Trap

Last weekend Stephen and I played what we call "Parent Trap" and each took a kid on a date.  It was so fun!  Stephen took Drew to his first Rangers game. I bought a Groupon to Let's Pretend tea parties and was so sad that they were all booked but it worked out.  Charis and I went to paint pottery and then ate pizza and then went to the park.

Drew had a blast with his Daddy.  He flirted with some girls behind him and would lift the ice chest and smile.  The girls would comment on how strong he was and then he would have to do it all over.  When he got home he told me ALL about the game.  He was really into the dot race or "squishy faces" as he calls them.  He was upset because the blue squishy face was tripped and that is not nice.  They stayed until the 7th inning and then came home.

Charis painted a cute plate.  We went to the store and she found some "make up" that she loved.  She took her make up to the Mellow Mushroom while we ate.  It was so fun to talk to her and have some one on one time.  I could tell it made her feel special because she isn't very affectionate but she floored me when she said sweet things to me.  It was a great time for us both.

I learned some things about my kids.  Charis' love language is definitely quality time and Drew has a 6th love language... talking.  No, not words of affirmation, because you don't have to talk at all.  If you just sit and listen he will tell you EVERYTHING.  It may not sequential but you will hear every thought that enters his little mind.

Things can be wild with two 3 year old so it was nice to take time out to have some quality time just one.  Next time I will take Drew on a date and Stephen will take Charis.  I am open to suggestions
on fun ideas for boys and girls.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shiloh- A place of rest

Kelly's Korner is doing a SUYL about infertility so I wanted to use this opportunity to focus on Shiloh.  Shiloh is an incredible Bible study that I went through towards the end of our infertility journey.  It is truly unlike any other study or book on the topic.  There isn't much Christian support in the area of infertility.  The few books I found were ok but, just kind of gave me a pity party attitude and that was all.  Shiloh focuses on TRUTH, God's direction and leading, His purpose for this journey, how to make decisions involving treatments,  loss through miscarriage or stillbirth, adoptions, fertility treatments, how to handle relationships, and so much more.  It spoke to me when I needed it the most.  The lady who wrote it has had her own struggles in this area and it is clear from her questions that she know the pain involved but doesn't just empathizes and let you camp out in that dangerous place that can lead to bitterness or other Spirit quenching emotions.  She gives scriptures that bring life and light to a dark time.

I am blessed to be able to take one hopeful mother through it right now and it is so neat to see how it works in her life as well.  The study was written by Julie Fowler a member of Watermark Church in Dallas.  It has recently been published by the church and you can get a copy by contacting Lindsay Lauderdale at Watermark through

If you are still waiting on your baby then I pray that the Lord blesses you with peace in the wait and the joy of parenthood.

Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.

Psalm 126:5

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer FuN

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer.  This is what we have been up to...

Playing outside

Seeing friends
The kids hadn't seen Katie Belle in a week while Stephen and I were on vacation.  When we got back in town we went to Rosa's and with Dina and Katie and Charis and Katie ran to each other and hugged so tight and then Drew and Katie kept giving little kisses to each other.  They kept saying "we missed you, Katie!"  I think these three are triplets.  


Drew has been wearing this headlamp to bed to read in the dark.  My flash made the room look light but it was really dark except for Drew's headlamp.  I love that dork.

Charis has an obsession with possums.  First, it was pink owls and now possums.  She makes up crazy stories about them and what they did.  Today she told a lifeguard at the Splash Park that there was a possum in her room and one in her Daddy's lawn mower.  The lifeguard approached me before she called CPS as to why there was a possum in my daughter's room.  Thankfully I was able to set the record straight.  She had to go up the slide on her own and decided then to tell the lifeguard her wild tales.  She just crazy!